How CloudTrack TMS Help You Streamline Logistics Operations?

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With the increasing complexity of the transportation and logistics operations due to shifting business models, increasing customer demands, and geographic expansions, transportation management systems (TMS) are getting into the conversations of even small-mid scale businesses.

Gartner forecasts that the global TMS market is expected to grow to $2.11 billion by 2024, whereas it was at $1.32 billion in 2019. This 60% growth over the span of five years is not driven merely by leading supply chain organizations. In fact, most of this growth is triggered by small and midsize companies which have less complex transportation needs.

Why Organizations Invest in TMS like CloudTrack?

A transportation management system like CloudTrack plays a crucial role in the supply chain operations. From carrier planning to last-mile delivery visibility, a TMS provides constant insights to the businesses. The widened visibility powered by affordable TMS solutions results in more efficient transportation planning and execution, which ultimately improves customer satisfaction.

What Are the Benefits of Adopting CloudTrack TMS?

There are several stages in a typical transportation operation that requires assistance in terms of visibility and automation. CloudTrack addresses all the possible opportunities to streamline transportation and logistics operations. Here is how Cloudtrack helps businesses in several domains:

Facilitates Shipment Route Planning

CloudTrack helps businesses select the best mode of shipment and the most suitable carrier based on efficiency, speed, and cost. The businesses can even pick the best routes based on traffic conditions and the transportation vehicle based on the load capaity. For more info on route optimization you can visit our feature page – Route Optimization

Provides Transportation Visibility

From location tracking to real-time cold-chain monitoring, CloudTrack does it all and most importantly it does all of it in an intelligent way. CloudTrack is already equipped with IoT sensor integrationincluding temperature, humidity, lighting, vibration, and of course GPS. The users can set threshold limits for every parameter to get real-time alerts.

Business Insights

Businesses need to make intelligent business decisions regarding the performance of current carrier providers. It is necessary for the businesses to analyze the historical operations in order to decide which carrier providers have been up to the standards and which of them couldn’t deliver on time or keep up to the compliances etc. This is for, CloudTrack provides business insights for various parameters including transporter effectiveness & efficiency, Transportation cost compared to the previous period, number of on-time deliveries etc.

Compliance Management

With all the hype of Industrial Internet of Things technology, it is prevalent for businesses to opt for IoT powered transportation management solutions. However, it is crucial to opt for an affordable TMS which leverages sensor technology and can be customized for every specific business. This is where CloudTrack comes in place.

What Do You Expect From A Transportation Management System?

Alright, we’ve talked about how CloudTrack TMS can help businesses like yours (most likely) in handling transportation operations such as carrier management, tracking, etc. Throughout the time, we’ve added new features to the product and are still working on some new ones based on the customer requests and industry requirements.

However, we’re always open to suggestions. You can let us know what things you prefer in a transportation management system for your organization and what benefits you expect from that. Let us know in the comment section below.