Secure & Reliable

This software not only maximizing efficiency in the delivery and collection process, but also allows firms to give far better customer service. It enables to inform the client of an item’s exact position, thereby offering a more accurate estimated time of arrival and able to nip a problem in the bud putting the delivery back on schedule. Most of the tracking and tracing software are purely internet based real-time system that users can access from anywhere that has an internet connection and a web browser.


The value of visibility

With CloudTrack your customers can be confident that their goods are in safe hands. Visibility is an important customer requirement, and CloudTrack web tracking capabilities provide our customers with 24/7 access to tracking information through a feature-rich online portal. We give our customers real-time visibility and ensure that their shipment is on target and on time.


Web Tracking made easy

Rely on CloudTrack for easy and effective tracking solution, streamlined customer interaction, and more productive operations. The integrated system automatically uploads your data to the web tracking module, so shipments, orders, security filing, inventory, receipts, and accounting information can be tracked without re-entering data. It stores shipment documents in one place so they can be located quickly.


Better analytics and reporting

CloudTrack software employs industry leading on - board alert engine, which examines external conditions and supports customer to meet the needs of your application. This continuously monitors the vehicle movement and responds instantaneously to pre - defined thresold conditions related to time, date, motion, location, geo-zone, input and other event combinations.


Additional benefits

Additional benefits include reduce in total freight cost, optimizing firms inventory management, reduction in lead times leading to reduction in back orders and increasing firms efficiency by planning ahead more power in pricing neogiations.



CloudTrack can keep a track of all actions users take throughout their lifecycle, so you can maximize their lifetime value . You can monitor app installs, signups, first and subsequent purchases, and also all actions related to buying, such as upgrades and renewals. This allows you to optimize your campaigns at each stage and maximize revenue.


Tracking via email

This email tracking feature in CloudTrack will enable your company to send customers a link in an email which accesses a track and trace page on the internet, for your cargo and shipment tracking.