Temperature, Humidity, and Light Sensing

The Most Intelligent

Real-Time Alerts

The admin gets an alert anytime when the goods are transported above or below the threshold limits of temperature, humidity, and lighting.

Room for Exception

CloudTrack provides an option for the Admins to either allow or suspect every climatic condition deviation during the transportation.

Set Threshold for Every Delivery

The admin can easily set threshold limits for temperature, humidity, and lighting.

Integrable with More Sensors

CloudTrack can be integrated with more sensors like vibration, level, etc.

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Route Optimization

Leverage The Most Intelligent Way Of Planning Routes Based On Cost And Traffic Conditions.

Multiple User-Roles

Cloudtrack Provides Separate Access To Users Of Different Levels Such As Transporter, Billing Manager, And Admin.

Track In-Transit

Access Vehicle Checkpoint History And Real-Time Vehicle Location Fetched Via Cellular Networks.

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